How We Bloomed

Having gone through life with my own food restrictions, I know all too well how asking for dietary accommodates can often make you feel like an inconvenience.

That’s why I decided to create Bloom Bistro, where breakfast staples, lunch classic, and brunch favourites are elevated, accessible, and customizable for all.

However you want to order your food, From nut-free to vegan and beyond, We’re here to make it exactly how you want it, With understanding and a big smile on our faces!

I’m Nalini,
Welcome To My Bistro!

I’m a foodie at heart, with a big heart for our community! There’s nothing I love more than entertaining and cooking delicious meals for my friends & family, And when you come to Bloom Bistro, that’s exactly who you are.

There are three things I steadfastly believe:
1. How you feel often starts with what you eat
2. Healthy food doesn’t need to be bland
3. No dish should be off limits to anybody

If I could have it my way, my dinner table at home would always be full. Full of food, and full of hungry bellies ready to eat! Since my home isn’t quite big enough to fit Barrie’s 150,000 people Bloom Bistro is how I serve delicious home-cooked food for all!
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